Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

In short it means physio in and around the pelvis. The structures around the pelvis include the hips, the lower back, abdomen, the pelvic floor and organs (bladder bowel uterus)

Massage Therapy

We are very pleased to let you know that we share our beautiful space with Strength & Balance Massage Therapy. Natasha is an incredible Registered Massage Therapist who has bene servicing Edmonton for over 13 years!

1-on-1 Assessment & Treatment

Quality Assessment

We do not jump between clients or use an aide. You will have our undivided attention. We don’t want you to come back with the same recurring nagging injury, which is why we spend time and effort figuring out how you may have got that injury in the first place.

Longer Treatment

quality treatment

We believe in spending quality time with our clients. Treatment times will be 45 minutes, allowing us to spend adequate time with you going through your rehab exercises, and also spending time doing both hands-on and dry needling treatments.