Physiotherapy Treatment Edmonton

Assessing pain, injuries, and function

Physiotherapists are able to assess, diagnose, and treat injuries and disease through manual therapy techniques, dry needling, and of course – an individualized exercise / rehabilitation program. Our over-arching goal is to get YOU back to doing the the things you love to do.

(and as much as we love treating sport injuries – NO, physiotherapy is NOT just for professional athletes).

Individualized Rehabilitation Plan

Our physiotherapists will work one on one with you to diagnose your pain or injury, and establish a rehab plan individualized to you, to help get you back to living your best life! Our plans will always account for your individual needs, but we will always aim to improve your function, strength, flexibility, and mobility.

Not to mention, we treat all you wonderful humans out there! We strive for inclusion – and we are never here to judge nor discriminate your lifestyle.

We also love helping everyone from all movement backgrounds! Whether you are a desk jockey, a weekend warrior, a casual OR competitive athlete – we have a wide array of experience to be able to meet your rehab goals. This goes for kiddos and seniors, too!

1-on-1 Assessment & Treatment

Quality Assessment

We do not jump between clients or use an aide. You will have our undivided attention. We don’t want you to come back with the same recurring nagging injury, which is why we spend time and effort figuring out how you may have got that injury in the first place.

Longer Treatment

quality treatment

We believe in spending quality time with our clients. Treatment times will be 45 minutes, allowing us to spend adequate time with you going through your rehab exercises, and also spending time doing both hands-on and dry needling treatments.